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Welcome to Black Gold Summer School!

summer school

Black Gold Regional Division No.18 offers comprehensive summer school programming. Whether you are a grade twelve student looking to upgrade a diploma course, a grade nine student eager to get a jump on a senior high class, or an elementary student wanting to improve reading or math skills – we have the program for you.


Black Gold Regional Regional Division No. 18 offers four unique summer school programs:

  • Classroom Based Summer School – Many core high school courses are taught in a half-day classroom setting at Leduc Composite High School in July. Three 5-credit Phys. Ed. 10 programs, a 3-credit Summer Mechanics and a 5-credit Try the Trades course are also offered.
  • Non-Attendance Based Summer School – All 10 and 20 level high school core courses and CALM are offered in a self-directed modular format. Students have access to 80 hours of teacher tutorial assistance throughout the summer to support their learning.
  • Elementary  and Junior High Summer Programs – Students currently in grades 3 to 8 can improve individual language arts and mathematical skills in our 25 hour classroom-based program.
  • Numeracy and Literacy Camps –  Students currently in grades 1 and 2 can continue learning fundamental reading, writing, and mathematical skills in these 15 hour camps.  This program is by referral only. If interested please talk with your child’s grade 1 or 2 teacher.

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