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Outreach – library books and materials return guidelines

At completion of your course

All books and materials are to be handed in when the student has completed the course.

Notices for outstanding books
  • Notice of checked out books will be sent out in January & April of the current school year
    • to inform students / parents that books / materials are still outstanding / need to be returned to school.
  • Notices will be sent out weekly in the month of June of that current school year
    • to inform students / parents that books are due June 20 (or the day of the diploma exam).
Any books that are not handed in by the end off June

-will be considered lost and fees will be added onto students’ Powerschool account.

If books are returned after a notice (s) are sent out
  • If books are returned by the Christmas break of the following year, fees will be taken off the Powerschool account and a refund will be given if it applies.
  • Any books returned after the Christmas break will be checked in but they will not be taken off Powerschool and no refund will be given because a replacement book will have been purchased by that time.