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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is self-directed learning exactly?

Self-directed learning at Black Gold Outreach Schools allows students to choose how they learn, where they learn, and when they learn. It is the answer for choice and flexibility in learning. Student achievement is the number one priority at Black Gold Outreach and we enable you to achieve academic success based on diverse definitions of learning. Self-directed learning offers you

  • independent, self-paced study programs for all students
  • print-based modules, on-line learning courses, or a combination of both
  • attendance and/or flexible attendance based programs that allow students to choose a study environment that suits their individual learning style
  • an individualized approach that allows staff to provide a personal academic success plan for each student
  • a study hall, one-on-one tutorials, workshops, and program planning sessions

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What specific courses can I take at Black Gold Outreach School?

We offer the complete Alberta Education approved

          • Junior High curriculum
          • Senior High curriculum
          • Knowledge and Employability curriculum

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I don’t know what programs or courses I need.  What counselling services are available?

On site counselling for high school courses/programs, post secondary education requirements and careers is available.  All prospective students are required to attend an intake interview with one of our administrative team members where specific needs are assessed and academic goals are set.  Each student works with Black Gold Outreach staff on their own individual program plan.

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How do I hand in completed work and pick up more material?

Finish the module given to you by the assigned due date.  Then either come into the school and place the module into the hand in bin in the library, exchange your modules directly with your teacher, or submit via Google Classroom (ask your individual teacher).  If the school is closed work may be put into the drop-off box located just outside our front door.  New modules can be picked up from your teacher or from the staff at the front counter.

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How often do I hand in work?

Most students are expected to complete one module every one to two weeks.  Specific schedules and due dates will be discussed and assigned during the course intake with your input.

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When can I get help? 

Black Gold Outreach School provides extended hours of service to meet the needs of all our students.  Drop in any school day to receive all the assistance you might need.  At our school, you’re free to go your own way, but you’re not expected to go it alone.  During the school year there will be several days when the school is closed.  These dates are noted on our school calendar.

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What happens if I fall behind?

If you are unable to follow the schedule that was agreed upon during your course intake, you will be expected to contact you instructor.  During this meeting, you will be guided to re-assess if the course level, work load, and pacing is appropriated for you.  Any adjustments can be made at this time.

If no work is submitted within one month, high school students will be made inactive and junior high students will be directed to the truancy program.  In order to reactivate student files, administrative permission must be obtained and an action plan for course completion created.

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How and when is my work evaluated?

Instructors will specify the weightings for different aspects of each course.  For most courses, module assignments will be assessed and you will be expected to write module tests when you have received a passing mark on the work.  These can be written whenever you feel prepared to write and have your teacher’s permission.

Most three and five credit courses have a final exam which is written after the last module has been completed.  if your course is a diploma or provincial achievement course, the date of your final exam is determined by Alberta Education .  The scheduled exam writing dates for the school year can be found on the Alberta Education website.

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What if I relocate to another city/town?

You can continue your studies at you new location providing you are able to make arrangements to return completed work and write exams.  Upon completion, all books must also be returned.

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What are the fees and costs?

As a result of Bill 1, all BGSD families will see the elimination of two types of fees –  Instructional Resource Fees for Basic Educational Services and Transportation Fees for Eligible (Funded) Students. See Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees Explained for more information.

Please click here for more information.

Course Challenge fees also depend on credit value.

  • 5 credit courses
  • 3 credit courses
  • 1 credit courses


If students withdraw within 30 days of registration, all fees will be fully refunded after withdrawal forms have been completed.

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How will I know about events and new procedures?

  • Come in at least once a week to see your instructor
  • Telephone, text, or e-mail your teacher.  Teacher contact information can be found here.
  • Check out the electronic billboard outside our library.
  • Newsletters will be available regularly throughout the school year.
  • Read the Calendar of Events on this website.

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Can I graduate if I take Outreach courses? When is graduation?

Students can take all the courses they need at Outreach to satisfy the requirements for an Alberta High School Diploma or Alberta High School Certificate of Achievement.  Outreach celebrates this event with a  “cap and gown” graduation ceremony in June each school year.

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