Black Gold Outreach (Beaumont & Leduc)

(Leduc) 780-986-9466 (Beaumont) 780-929-5468


Registration Steps and Procedures

1. Contact us to schedule an intake/registration appointment with our Black Gold Outreach Administrator, Counsellor, or Learning Support Teacher

  • by dropping in at our LRC location (104, 4330 Black Gold Drive) in Leduc or our Beaumont Community Centre location (5204 50 Ave) in Beaumont
  • by phoning us at 780-986-9466 (Leduc) or 780-929-5468 (Beaumont)

2.  Register Online

  • All new families will be asked to register their child online via PowerSchool Registration. A paper copy of the registration form will not be available.  Please click here to learn more.

3. Meet with the Black Gold Outreach Principal, Coordinator, or Learning Support Teacher at your scheduled time.
During this interview you will:

  • have the opportunity to ask questions
  • access help in making programming decision and
  • set up an individual Program Plan for the year

4. Have your student ID photo taken.

5. Meet with your first course teacher. During this appointment, you will receive course work/resources and a personal course completion schedule. Tutorial and attendance requirements will be reviewed, course procedures will be clarified, and any questions you may still have will be answered.

What You Need To Register

Please bring the following with you when you come to register. It will speed the process along and ensure you can begin your Outreach courses as soon as possible.

  • a recent report card or course mark inquiry
  • a birth certificate or other legal document to verify your birth date
  • proof of address, such as a driver’s license or utility bill, to prove parent’s residency


Adult Courses $125 per credit

Course Challenges

5 Credit     $175.00

3 Credit     $100.00

1 Credit     $50.00

Inter-Ed Registrations

High school students registered at another school may not be able to take all the courses they want, due to schedule conflicts or if the courses are not available at the school they are registered  at. We offer these students the ability to take the  courses they otherwise would not be able to from Black Gold Outreach Schools, while remaining enrolled at their regular school. This is known as an Inter-Ed Registration.

Inter-Ed registrations require the knowledge and cooperation of the school the student is registered at. In order to register at Black Gold Outreach Schools as an Inter-Ed registrant, students need to:

1. Talk to your Counselor or an Administrator at your primary school to determine if the desired courses will fit with your educational program.

2. Obtain a referral form from your Counselor or School Administrator containing:

  • the course(s) you wish to enroll in
  • accurate student demographic information
  • the name, contact information, and signature of the Counselor or School Administrator

3. Register in person at Black Gold Outreach Schools by phoning to arrange an intake appointment. Remember to bring the form to your intake appointment.