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Welcome to Black Gold Summer School

We offer four unique summer school programs ...

  • Classroom Based Summer School – Many core high school courses are taught in a half-day classroom setting at Leduc Composite High School in July.
  • Non-Attendance Based Summer School – All 10 and 20 level high school core courses, CALM & Phys Ed 10 are offered in a self-directed modular format. Students have access to 80 hours of teacher tutorial assistance throughout the summer to support their learning.
  • Elementary  and Junior High Summer Boost CampsThese are one-week camps dedicated to working on boosting your child’s math and writing skills.  Students from grades 3 – 8 will benefit from a small classroom environment.  Hands on learning activities and strategies will be sent home to extend the learning.
  • Numeracy and Literacy Camps –  Students currently in grades 1 and 2 can continue learning fundamental reading, writing, and mathematical skills in these weeklong camps.  This program is by referral only. If interested please talk with your child’s grade 1 or 2 teacher.

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