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Non-Attendance Based High School Program

We are again offering  Non-Attendance Based Summer School courses for those students who can not/do not wish to learn in a traditional classroom setting every day in July.

Our Non-Attendance Based courses will be offered VIRTUALLY using the latest online resources and technological supports. In addition, students who enroll in these courses will also be able to access IN-PERSON tutorials each week throughout the summer at Leduc Composite High School.  We will provide:

  • Digital courses that are self-paced using Google Classroom or Moodle delivery systems
  • Scheduled in-person course intakes and pickup of textbooks and print materials
  • Downloadable assignments that can be submitted in-person or via computer, scan, email or photo
  • 80 hours of tutorial support – by booking one-on-one appointments or by utilizing Google Hang-outs/Meet or ZOOM
  • Regular phone, text, and email communication
  • Onsite test and exam writing sessions

Should I Register In a Virtual Course?

Successfully completing an online course presents many challenges for students. It is important to consider the following questions when deciding if non-attendance based learning is for you.

Am I a motivated, independent and self-directed learner?
While virtual tutorial assistance will be available for NAB Summer School students, much of the learning must be done independently.

Do I have the pre-requisite skills and knowledge?
Because of the unique challenges and demands of non-attendance learning, it is recommended that students have an average of 70% in any prerequisite courses before attempting an online course at the next level.

Do I have the necessary time?
In a traditional classroom setting students put in 125 hours of learning in class for a 5-credit course. As Summer School programs have a shortened delivery timeline, students must be prepared to put in many hours of study EVERY DAY if they are to be successful. It is essential that prospective students do NOT book holidays or work full-time in July while they are completing Summer School courses.

Do I have the necessary resources?
Summer School students will need reliable internet access and a computer or Chromebook to complete online courses. A limited number of Chromebooks will be available for loan.

Where to Attend In-Person
Tutorials and Exams

Leduc Composite High School
4308 – 50 Street
Leduc, AB  T9E 6K8

Course Fees

All courses: $25.00 Non Refundable Program Fee
(Students may only register for one core course.
CALM & PE10 are the only courses that can be taken together due to time restraints.)

Non-Attendance Based Calendar

Courses Offered


CALM (Career and Life Management) (NOW FULL)

The objective of CALM is to enable students to make well-informed, considered decisions and choices in all aspects of their lives and to develop behaviours and attitudes that contribute to the well-being and respect of self and others. Black Gold Summer School offers CALM for 5 credits by bundling it with two one-credit complementary courses – Job Preparation and Workplace Safety Systems.

This year the CALM summer school package has been updated and redesigned as a Google Classroom course. Students will work independently through seven online modules, receiving virtual tutorial assistance as needed. Students who have registered for CALM will be enrolled in their Google classroom the first week of June and will then be able to get started.





This course provides a self-directed learning opportunity in which students plan, develop, and track personalized fitness and activity goals. Students will participate in all five dimensions of Physical Education: Individual, Games, Dance, Gymnastics, and Alternative Environment. They will choose the activities that they enjoy and record those activities in a logbook.  80 hours for 5 credits.  Students will also complete additional assignments  including HSS1010 for an additional credit. These assignments will be delivered through Google classroom.

Contact Us

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Mrs. Leona Berreth – Office Administrator

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We anticipate high call volumes, and may be able to respond faster using these methods.